Our investment workshops cover a small number of big themes, so that participants are well prepared to focus on the overall health of their investment programs. Below are examples of themes from previous workshops.

Session 1: The next decade
Stock valuations are high and bond yields are low, implying reduced expectations for balanced portfolios over the next decade. Charities with long-term horizons should maintain exposure to stocks, diversify beyond Canada and hold high-quality bonds. Building on this foundation, with a diversified, low-cost investment program, is far less common than one might think.

Session 2: Required return
For many charities, the minimum required return is 5.5% annualized, after fees and costs (spending of 3.5% plus inflation of 2%). This compares to the 3-4% return that many charities have experienced over the last decade, in the midst of a strong market. Charities that are faithful stewards – that maintain or increase the purchasing power of the funds they have already received – will be in the best position to attract donations and build the organization.

Session 3: Good governance
Explore the group dynamics that can cause boards or committees to invest too cautiously. Engage your committee members by helping them understand and own the investment program, with a clear link to the objectives of the organization. Build a succession plan for the committee and retain the wisdom that comes from long-term planning.

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